Eilis character notes

As testimony to the transformative affect of Brooklyn, Tobin depicts Eilis as ambiguously both a family member and an outsider.

Eilis quickly returns to Brooklyn, knowing that her heart is truly with Tony in America. Her past continues to haunt her in the figure of Miss Kelly who reminds her of her inability to stay.

She has this inner voice telling her to push forward. Moving to America has helped Eilis to grow into a stronger woman. Brooklyn becomes another site of homesickness.

Her loss is particularly acute because she is left with no-one to care for her in her old age, which is particularly worrying in socially conservative Ireland in the s. Foreshadowing a renewed cycle of loneliness and isolation, Eilis knows now just what she must forgo because of her perhaps rather hasty commitment to Tony.

Gradually, they become her only tenuous link with home. Rose continued to live her life to the fullest doing the things she loves Eilis character notes going to work and playing golf.

Initially, the workplace setting at Bartoccis is also formidable, especially the sale that takes place three weeks after she begins her new job. She is confident, beautiful, and visibly different. There are myriad other facets of the book to discuss and each reader may find connections to his or her life that are great points for jumping off as discussion topics.

While attending a Church charity dance, Eilis meets a young American man named Tony Fiorello, born and raised in Brooklyn while his parents immigrated from Italy. Rose is appropriately concerned.

Eilis character notes

However, there is also a sense of continuity and consistency which enables Eilis to seamlessly merge with her former life and because of her added sense of confidence, she earns respect and admiration. This is the turning point for Eilis and she immediately books her return passage, telling her mother the truth about her marriage and posting a farewell note to Jim as she leaves town by taxi for the docks.

He writes with a great deal of ambiguity and irony. At last, Miss Kelly, who owns the local grocery store, gets word from friends in New York that Eilis is married. Tony is a light-hearted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Italian gem with a heart of pure gold.

However, it also becomes a place that provides Eilis with the opportunity to renew herself and carve an independent future without the strong shadows cast by her family.

Eilís Dillon Robert Bell - Essay

Something Rose might have done. When Eilis is rather forced lovingly by her mother and sister to go to America for work and a better life, Eilis feels lost. Everybody gets it… And the rule is to have someone to talk to and keep busy. She worries aimlessly about what her new life will be like, until one day she refuses herself from worrying anymore.

Historical Insight What were the clues Toibin used to show the time period and setting? How the things that seemed so real — work, home, friends, love — could seem so remote once you were somewhere else with new work, a new home and new love.

Which section did you enjoy the most? She has to return to Ireland to mourn, and she secretly marries Tony before she leaves. Did you see her as having or lacking passion? Going Away and Arriving Shortly after she arrives in Brooklyn, Eilis has both strong feelings of absorbing the newness around her and strong feelings of homesickness.

Letters, then, also become a sign of the difficulties associated with navigating the silence that yawns between them.

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Contrastingly, on the positive side, Eilis has inherited the personal strength from her mother, and her pride and dignity prompt her return.

She now has a great deal more to lose. What novels have you read where this theme was highlighted? Once upon returning to the family home, Eilis reflects upon her connections with place and the fact that the room means little to her.

How would you answer this question for yourself? When she goes back to visit Ireland, Eilis is a changed woman. She begins attending night classes to continue her education, as her tuition is fully paid for by a fellow Catholic parishioner seeking to do a good deed.

Eilis character notes

In order to spare Eilis the sorrow and guilt associated with her return, the mother seeks to downplay the enormity of their separation. Whilst Brooklyn represents the necessity of a new home and obligation it is once again divided by the fact that it necessarily represents what she has lost:Message in a bottle Edit (top) Wakefield found this message in a bottle that was floating in the water by the quay.

"Gods remain silent as the fog settles. We may look for the king beyond the clouds, But find the queen with a fiery crown." The first line may refer to the henrydreher.com so, then the "king beyond the clouds" might be the Simurg, the bird king who.

Tóibín’s determined placement of Eilis, such a sympathetic character, in a state so betwixt and between is arresting and suspenseful. We cannot imagine what she will do, whose heart she will break, or even what she should do. Eilis Lacey Timeline & Summary. BACK; NEXT ; Eilis gets a job at Miss Kelly's shop.

Her older sister Rose introduces her to Father Flood, who helps Eilis immigrate to America.

Brooklyn: A Novel

Eilis gets a job at Bartocci's Department Store. Eilis has a brutal bout of homesickness that she cures by spending time at Father Flood's Irish Catholic Church. Eilis has a brutal bout of homesickness that she cures by spending time at Father Flood's Irish Catholic Church.

At a church event, she meets an Italian-American named Tony, who she starts dating. Tony takes their relationship very seriously, even if Eilis is hesitant to commit.

Character Analysis Eilis Lacey grows from a nervous, nerdy girl into a confident (but equally nerdy) young woman over the course of Brooklyn. While there are plenty of unplanned detours and unforeseen accidents along the way, this is a classic coming-of-age story if we've ever seen one. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community.

We are thankful of their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Eilis is a young girl from Ireland and she is a main character of this novel. The girl is very young and promising, so she decides to leave Ireland and go.

Eilis character notes
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